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(Reston VA 20191) – You’re thinking about ending up being a vet tech and are for that reason investigating veterinary technician schools in Reston VA 20191. Among the things I make certain you wish to know before you end up being fully trained is whether there will in fact be a job awaiting you when you graduate. As you know, the economy is experiencing a little a rough patch and some occupation selections do disappoint long term trends for development.

Luckily, this profession is not one of them.

Just like humans need to visit the doctor from time to time, so do animals. Animals that are family pets and animals that live in the zoo or in shelters must have annual checkups and immunizations. When they are sick or in need of surgery, they will require the services of a veterinarian. Because there are so many animals being seen on a daily basis, the veterinary technician is able to lighten the load of the veterinarian by performing many duties in the office, including laboratory, surgical, and examination duties.

What does a veterinary technician in Reston VA 20191 do?

The veterinary technician is trained to handle many different tasks within the facility where he or she works. Laboratory duties may include collecting samples from the animal to be tested such as blood and stool. He can perform routine tests for heartworm or feline leukemia and take and develop x-rays. Examination duties include completing a history on the animal and taking vital signs such as weight and temperature. He should be able to restrain the animal when needed to help the veterinarian complete an examination. Nail trimming and dental cleaning will be included in his duties, as well as removing sutures and administering medicines and vaccines. The Reston VA 20191 veterinary technician will spend time counseling the animalís owner about proper nutrition, cleaning, and routine care. He may need to feed and walk the animals if he works in a shelter or a kennel. When an animal requires surgery, the veterinary technician assists the veterinarian by sterilizing instruments that will be used and preparing the animal by shaving or anesthetizing when needed. He will also help when an animal must be euthanized. Sometimes the veterinary technician will be called upon to handle routine office tasks such as maintaining records on the patient, labeling medications, cleaning and organizing, restocking supplies, answering phones, and scheduling visits.

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What are the prerequisites for becoming a veterinary technician in Reston VA 20191?

Probably the most important prerequisite for becoming a veterinary technician is a love of animals. The job will be exhausting at times and require long hours, possibly weekend and evening hours, so a great love of animals will keep the job from being a frustrating chore. Since instructions will need to be given to a petís owner, good communication skills are a must. The veterinary technician should also be detail oriented. When assisting the veterinarian, he will need to be able to draw on his training in order to perform his duties with competence. Before enrolling in a veterinary technician program, the candidate should have received a high school diploma or GED and should check to find out if there are classes the program requires be completed, like chemistry and biology, before enrollment.

What will be taught in a Reston VA 20191 veterinary technician program?

Programs accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association are offered through universities and community colleges, as well as some technical colleges in Reston VA 20191 and a few online colleges. These are typically two- and four-year programs. Coursework will include classroom learning and clinical experience. Classes will include animal anatomy, caring for small animals versus large animals, pharmacology, surgical protocols, anesthesia, diagnostic imaging, pathology, and office management.

Is licensing required for veterinary technicians?

Most states do require the veterinary technician to be licensed and/or certified. Licensing can be achieved through successful completion of an accredited program and passing the Veterinary Technology National Exam. Certification is optional in some states. However, those who are certified will likely find more employment opportunities and will be more marketable than those without certification.

Are there opportunities for career advancement as a veterinary technician?

As veterinary technicians have worked alongside the veterinarian and performed such a wide variety of tasks, they have become interested in becoming specialized. There are currently ten specialties for veterinary technicians who are interested in gaining further knowledge and training. Some of these are veterinary dental technician, veterinary behavior techniques, veterinary surgical technicians, and veterinary zoological medicine technicians.

Those who love animals and are able to work as part of a team to ensure the health of the animals they look after will find a career as a veterinary technician in Reston VA 20191 a most rewarding one.